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Our passion is assisting entrepreneurs be positioned for a successful transition of their business and their wealth to the people and causes that are important to them.

Our expertise is the design and innovative insurance-based financial strategies that accomplish that objective.

We have been serving clients in Western Canada for over 30 years.


We Strive to be...


Listening to our clients to understand their needs, goals, and expectations.

Gain understanding

Designing solutions that are tailor-made without preconceived inventions.

Gain understanding

Offering the right insurance strategies after careful consideration of various alternatives.

Gain understanding

Being proactive in providing on-going services well into the future.

Gain understanding


Life insurance products are sometimes viewed as confusing financial instruments. Adding to that, amongst affluent entrepreneurs there can be a lack of clarity concerning the high liquidity requirements when death occurs. And then, understandably, there is a question of insurance solutions compared to other alternatives.

It is from that reference point that our mission is to provide our clients with the confidence that they have the right insurance strategy to best meet their wealth transition goals and expectations.


The people behind DEBOSKI & CO.


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Transferring wealth has plenty of obstacles.  The family of a successful entrepreneur can face a host of unintended consequences due to under-funded Shareholder Agreements and illiquid estates.

Insurance strategies can provide peace of mind and the certainty that your wealth will be transferred the way you’ve planned.


Shareholder Agreements are often like personal wills.  Either an agreement does not exist, or even if it does, it is so archaic that it has little relevance to current realities.

As a shareholder of a privately held company, you deserve to have the confidence that the wealth that is captured in your shares will be transferred in a way that meets your desires and intentions.

We work with shareholders of companies valued at $5M or more, providing insurance-based strategies that give them the confidence that the transfer of shares will be distributed in a tax effective and timely fashion upon the death of a shareholder.

Contact Us to learn how we can help you and the other shareholders of your company.


  • The Canadian Income Tax Act states in Section 70(5) that a person is deemed to have disposed of all of theier assets immediately before death. This has major tax implications for entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses and accumulated wealth. CRA requires that the estate pay tax on the presumed sale at fair market value of:
    – Your business
    – Your holding company
    – Your Investments
    – Your vacation property
    – Your RRSPs

    Understanding this tax liability and taking appropriate planning steps will prevent a lot of wealth being eroded unnecessarily.

    We are ideally positioned with both tax and product expertise to assist families that are facing a tax liability of $1M or more, providing insurance strategies that will create cash to pay the tax.

    Contact us to learn how we can be of assistance to you and your family.


Our passion for successful transitions extends beyond privately owned businesses in Canada.  We also have a keen interest in seeing impoverished community in developing nations transition from dependency to self-sustainability.

In 2009 we committed with FH Canada to support the community of Mufumya in Burundi Africa to achieve self sustainability. We are honoured to have been part of the successes that community has achieved over the years.

We have recently committed to support a similar long-term project with FH in Cambodia and look forward to seeing that community likewise develop into self sustainability.

We know by our own experiences that strategic giving makes a big impact that will last well into the future.

We also know from our business experience that a planning gap exists where individuals and families can explore ways of embedding a philanthropic purpose into their wealth.

That’s why we created Give for Generations, a wealth planning platform to help philanthropic entrepreneurs exponentially increase the impact they are having on the causes that are important to them.



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